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How do I copy the search results?

In order to copy a single title, it will be easiest to use the button labeled "copy." The button is to be found at the bottom of every title. If you are using MS Internet Explorer, simply click this button to place the item on your clipboard. (This will work otherwise for those using Firefox.) From there, it can be added to a document by making use of the "paste" function in any word processor. Or you may open a new Document and paste the title there.


Please note that the command to "copy" has a number of effects. The previous contents on your clipboard will, as a rule, be erased. The format of the desired text will not be transferred, neither will the biblical passages, keywords, or categories.


If you want to download the biblical passages, keywords and categories together with the bibliographical information, and to retain at least the italics then you should not use the "copy" button. Rather highlight all you want to copy and then copy the whole to the clipboard with CTRL-C.


Now some more details:


MS Internet Explorer:

If you are using MS Internet Explorer with AnaBiDeut and click the "copy" button, the browser will ask whether you wish to grant access to the clipboard. When you click "Allow Access", the selected title, without formatting, will be copied to your clipboard.




Mozilla Firefox:

If you are using Firefox with AnaBiDeut and click the "copy" button in the results display, a message will appear informing you that "clipboard access is not allowed or not supported on this browser." You will instead be instructed to use "CTRL-C" to copy any highlighted text to the clipboard:




Do the following:


Step 1: click "OK". The traces of your operation will be seen in a window at the bottom of the entry you copied:




Step 2: Copy the content of the window to your clipboard using CTRL-C. There is no need to highlight the text.


As far on copying one single title. If one is interested in copying a majority of the titles or even in the entire list of search results, it would be better to use the "list" feature discussed below. Please see "How do I create a list of selected titles?" or "How do I create a list of all the titles from the search?"



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