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Department of Old Testament Bible Studies
How do I stop the search and begin a new search?

A search ends when a new search is begun. There is nothing more that needs to be done. To being anew, there are two ways to proceed:


1. You may only wish to adjust some aspect of the previous search, by omitting one of the search parameters or by adding a new one. Then you may do so without starting over. Merely change whatever information you wish in the search fields and then again click "Start Search". An already existing user's list will not be deleted by this action and can be returned to and edited further


2. If you want to begin a really new and different search, click on the "Delete, New Search" button at the bottom right corner of the search form. This will erase all of the entries currently present in the search fields. An existing list of search results you have created will, however, be retained and can be combined with the results of a new search.



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