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Department of Old Testament Bible Studies
How are the search results presented?

The results take the form of a catalogue, which may extend over many pages. The search input will appear at the top of every page so as to remind you of exactly what information you have entered. At the bottom of each page, a number will indicate the total number of titles found for your search. To view all of the items, you must click an arrow or a page number on the bottom of the current page to move to the following page.


The formatting of the title has already been discussed above in the section "How do I search in AnaBiDeut?".


Although the authors are listed at the top of the line, the resulting catalogues are arranged alphabetically according to title. If you want to sort the findings by author, you must establish a list (see "How do I create a list of all the titles from the search?"), download it into a text or spreadsheet program, and then sort the authors alphabetically on your own. There will be more instructions on how to download below.



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