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Department of Old Testament Bible Studies
How do I make changes to the list?

The top button in the right-hand column is "display list". This button assumes that a list has already been created. By clicking on the "display list" button, the list will appear in the middle column, thus replacing the search results. Information regarding the biblical passages, keywords, and categories will be displayed as in the regular table of search results.




You will find in the main column the same buttons as before: "copy" and "delete from list". They can be used here in the same way. Titles which are deleted from this list, however, you cannot fetch back later on, as you could in the case of the originanl catalogue of the search results. Nevertheless, you may prefer to work on your list using this option, as it is somewhat clearer.


When you click on the "Display List" button, you will notice that not only has the content of the middle column changed, but the button itself will now read "Continue Search". If you click this, you will return to where you started, with the catalogue of search results in the middle column and the list manager column on the right. This is important to remember if you are not satisfied with your list and wish to continue searching, perhaps by making slight changes to your search parameters. Though your list will again be out of view, it remains. You can be assured of this by ongoing calculation of the number of list items in the right hand column.





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