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Department of Old Testament Bible Studies
Why are lists needed?

The table of results that is created by a search can be modified at any time by entering different information into the search fields. While you cannot directly modify the table by, for example, adding or deleting specific titles, any change of information in the search fields will effect changes in the table of results. At times, however, you will want both to delete titles and to add new ones. This can be achieved only by the creation of "lists".


From among the results provided by the search, you are able to copy individual records by using the clipboard (see "How do I copy the search results?"). It will, however, take too much time to copy the whole table. By using the "lists" function, which we come to now, all the titles you want can be copied at once, and they can be exported in the form of a list. Please note, however, that when the browser is closed, the records stored online in these lists will be erased.



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