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How do I go about a “Keyword” search?

In addition to searches based on the biblical passages, you can search for literature as it relates to specific topics. This is done with a "Keyword" search. Naturally, you can only search with the keywords that have been entered into the database. Since the number of these keywords is less than 100, you won't lose much time in studying the catalogue to see how they fit into the subject of your search. You can view the whole catalogue by clicking on the arrow at the right of the "Keyword" pull-down window. All of these keywords were gathered during the production of a commentary on Deuteronomy. They are, therefore, specific to the book of Deuteronomy. 




This list is in German. For the same list together with the English translations of the terms click on "Keywords" in the left column:





Any such catalogue is inevitably somewhat subjective. In addition, it was only over time, that the keyword list has grown longer. This means, unfortunately, that titles entered into the system earlier often lack association with an appropriate keyword added only later. One should always be aware of such limitations. So as to improve the service, the supervisor of the database welcomes your contributions in identifying gaps and possible new additions. (see "Contact")



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