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How do I conduct a “Bible Passage” search?


Most frequently, research questions will concern references to particular biblical passages. Therefore, the pride of place is given to the "Bible Passage" search. The search window for biblical passages looks as follows:




In the leftmost field, one enters the name of a biblical book. This will usually be the book of Deuteronomy ("Dtn"). To a limited extent, the database also contains titles related to other biblical texts which are important for an analysis of the book of Deuteronomy, such as 2 Kings 22-23. One can theoretically enter any biblical book in the "Bible Passages / Book" search field. Most often, however, nothing will be found. Only, in some passages important to the book of Deuteronomy, you may be able to find something.


To the right of the box for the biblical book are four search fields in which one can specify with chapters and verses  precisely the desired biblical passage. In the first line, in the "from chapter" and "Vers" fields, you should enter the chapter and verse, respectively, where the text which you wish to research begins. If you want to search for one verse alone, simply leave the remaining boxes empty. For example:


Dtn 1,6




If, however, you want to search for resources on a longer section of text, more information is needed. If the final verse is in the same chapter, leave the "to chapter" field blank, but enter the number of the final verse in the lower "Verse" field. For example:


Dtn 1,6-8




If your section of text extends to another chapter, then enter the chapter and verse in the "to chapter" and "Verse" fields respectively. So, for example:


Dtn 1,6-2,1




In this way, you can use the 4 search fields to delimit any section of text you wish. The database will then search for all literature pertaining to that portion of text.


There are, however, three different types of searches which you must choose from. 



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