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Department of Old Testament Bible Studies
Important Notice (January 1, 2016)


For many years now, the financial support necessary to maintain the Analytical Bibliography of Deuteronomy (AnaBiDeut) as we envisaged has been lacking. All our efforts to improve the situation, by ourselves and by colleagues who were willing to take over the work, were doomed to failure. Initially, we attempted to maintain this resource ourselves, without additional staff support, while still trying to take account of and annotate every academic title relevant to scholarship on Deuteronomy. Doing so has proven to be difficult and has had some impact upon this resource. We therefore wish to advise the numerous users of AniBiDeut of the following facts.


Up to and including the year 2012, the scholarly literature on Deuteronomy has been essentially completely taken account of and fully analyzed. Subsequently, however, to an increasing degree, the literature included may not be quite so comprehensive as previously; and for the titles that are included, the analytical categories provided may not be as thorough as before. It seems unlikely that this situation will change in the future.


We would be very happy if other colleagues were willing to carry on the bibliographical work represented by the Analytical Bibliography of Deuteronomy and assume responsibility for this pioneering resource, which remains without parallel in the field. We trust that other hands could maintain AnaBiDeut more effectively than is currently possible for us to continue to do because of our age. We therefore welcome any expressions of interest and will do whatever we could to assist with the transition.


For our many users, this valuable resource remains otherwise unchanged in all of its essentials. The internet address for the Analytical Bibliography of Deuteronomy (AnaBiDeut) remains the same and access to the data bank continues to be free.


Many colleagues and friends have tried to help us during these last years. We sincerely thank them all.


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